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About My Cyndi Lauper

My name is Aileen Everlast, and since 1986, Cyndi Lauper has been part of my life, in one way, shape or form, from my early days when I was bullied for being different, for being transgender, all the while I had Cyndi Lauper’ss music in my Walkman, she was my center, and she taught me, no matter what anyone does, or says to you, you should be true to yourself.

As a young girl who was outcast, I always looked for strong, vibrant female roll models, and Cyndi Lauper was at the top of that list. Early on, I learned to sing by mimicking Cyndi Lauper, to this day, my vocals, whether covers, or originals, somehow resembles the vocal style of Cyndi Lauper. I created these projects (My Cyndi Lauper, Cyndi Lauper Addiction, and Cyndi Lauper Trivia) simply put, because I studded Cyndi Lauper for a very long time, I know a lot about her, and she has made such a difference in my life, that I want celebrate it!

The truth is, I don’t know who I would be right now, if Cyndi Lauper weren’t in my life, so much of my life, I have shaped around her style. I don’t agree with everything Cyndi Lauper stands for (her religious beliefs mainly), but she does a lot of good for the LGBTQ community, with her True Colors Fund, as well as the True Colors Residence, which provides homes for homless LGBTQ youth.